Corporation & Partnership Disputes

Anyone who has ever served as an officer or director of a corporation, or who has been a partner in a partnership, knows that disputes between the principles of a company or partnership are all too frequent.

Officers, directors and partners have legally enforceable obligations of due care, loyalty and honesty. When these fiduciary duties are breached, litigation often follows. Murphy Rosen lawyers regularly prosecute or defend such claims on behalf of officers, directors and partners in disputes arising from diverse business settings. Firm attorneys have successfully handled litigation involving disputes over control of corporations, minority shareholder claims, corporate mismanagement, dissipation of assets, and corporate and partnership dissolutions.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in this realm, and they work hand in hand with the client to devise and execute a strategy that best fits the particular circumstances of the case. We have been successful in securing, either through trial or settlement, such varied remedies as actual dissolution, structured buy-outs, "put" options, and, most frequently, money damages.

We aren't just litigators, we're counselors. We are often consulted when potential corporate or partnership disputes appear on the horizon. Our experienced attorneys have been able to provide consultation and creative strategies to prevent the dispute from becoming a litigated matter.